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Flint Castle
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Flint CastleFlint Castle is a late 13th century stone keep and enclosure fortress, founded by King Edward I. Commanding the castle and the small gatehouse of the inner ward, is an unique cylindrical great angle tower, which is isolated by its own moat. The other angles of the square inner ward are flanked by substantial round towers but little evidence has been found of any other domestic buildings. The large walled outer court is flanked by the remains of a gatehouse and encased by a large revetted moat, which was fed by the tidal waters of the River Dee. Founded in 1277 and completed in 1286, Flint was the first of 'Longshanks' coastal castles with a fortified town that could be supplied by sea. To the south is Bryn-y-cwn which could be the predecessor or an outpost of the castle and 6 miles south-east is Ewloe Castle.

Street Map

Flint Castle is located in the town centre, off Castle Dyke Street, on the estuary of the River Dee. 13 miles west of Chester on the A548.

The site is owned by Cadw and is open daily 10:00-4:00pm.

There is a car park.

Flint Castle pictures and castle map of the area
Flint Castle Picture 1Flint Castle Picture 2Flint Castle Picture 3Castle Map of the Area

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