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Bryn-y-cwn Flint
SJ 238-714 Flintshire Wales

Bryn-y-cwnBryn-y-cwn is a large earthwork motte, which has no recorded history. Standing at the northern end of a spur, the circular motte still retains three southern ditches. Possibly the fortress recorded as being 'palisaded' in 1244 but the site of the bailey has been lost. The castle could be the predecessor or an outpost of the stone castle at Flint but its dense cover of trees, makes it best viewed in winter. 5 miles north-west is Holywell Castle Mound.

Street Map

Bryn-y-cwn is located south of Flint, off Halkyn Road. 14 miles west of Chester on the A548.

The site is visible from the road.

Car parking is by the side of the road.

Castle map of the area
Castle Map of the Area

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