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Mouselow Castle Glossop
SK 028-955 Derbyshire England

Mouselow Castle Mouselow Castle is a medieval earthwork ringwork and bailey fortress, built on an old Celtic hilltop. The position of the bailey as been quarried away and sadly spoil heaps have confused and damaged the other earthworks that commanded this ridge. Encased by traces of a double rampart and an eastern triple rampart, it was probably the site of an oval Iron Age hillfort, which was adapted during the Roman occupation. In the 18th century there were indications of a building on the summit and several pieces of stone have been identified, maybe mistakenly as a Celtic shrine. Found by the Reverend George Marsden in the 1850s, the series of obscure carved images may date from the medieval or post medieval period. 16 miles south-east is Peveril Castle.

Street Map

Mouselow Castle is located north of Glossop, off Hilltop Road. 13 miles east of Manchester, on the M67-A57.

The site is visible from the road.

Car parking is by the side of the road.

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