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Peveril Castle Peveril Castle is an 11th century stone enclosure fortress, founded by William Peverel. Standing on an impregnable ridge, a walled and ditched D-shaped outer bailey and originally an inner wooden keep, guarded the bridge that spanned the Peak Cavern gorge. Flanked by a shallow 12th century buttressed turret, the northern curtain wall of the sloping triangular inner bailey, displays herringbone masonry of the 1080s. In 1174, King Henry II added a small elegant square keep of two rooms, which survives almost to its full height and also in the inner bailey are the foundations of service ranges, a chapel and two halls. The 12th century round-arched gateway which is now the main entrance to the castle, was originally only the back or town gate. The castle fell into disuse during the early 15th century and by the early 17th century, only the keep remained in use as a courthouse. After the Tudor times, the courts were abandoned and the site gradually became a ruin. Castleton village defenses, can be seen from the wall turret. 2 miles east is Hope Motte and 6 miles east at Hathersage is Camp Green.

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Peveril Castle is located high above Castleton, at the top of a zigzag path which is steep in places. 18 miles west of Sheffield, on the A57-A6013-A625.

The site is owned by English Heritage and is open daily, April to October 10:00-5:00pm, Saturday and Sunday, November to March 10:00-4:00pm.

Car parking is in the village.

Peveril Castle pictures and large castle map
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