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Newcastle Castle
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Newcastle Castle Newcastle Castle was originally a Norman earth and timber fortress, founded in 1080 by Robert Curthose. Standing on a steep sided promontory overlooking the River Tyne, from the 2nd century the Roman fort, Pons Aelius occupied this naturally defensible site. In 1168-78, King Henry II founded the stone keep and bailey castle, when adding a five storey stone keep encased by a curtain wall, flanked by towers and two gatehouses. In the early 13th century, King John added an aisled hall in the bailey and in the mid 13th century King Henry III added the Black Gate barbican to the North Gate. The mid 14th century town wall isolated the castle within its walls and by 1589 it was described as old and ruinous. Refortified in the Civil War, it was here that Royalist defenders made their final stand when the town was besieged and captured in 1644. 4 miles south at French Hall is Ravensworth Castle and 8 miles north-east is Tynemouth Castle.

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Newcastle Castle is located in the city centre, off Castle Garth. 16 miles north of Durham, on the A1-A167.

The site is owned by Newcastle City Council and is open daily, Monday to Saturday 10:00-5:00pm, Sunday 12:00-5:00pm. Castle Garth is freely accessible in daylight hours.

There are car parks nearby.

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