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Ford Castle
NY 800-608 Northumberland England

Ford Castle Ford Castle was originally a 13th century fortified manor house, founded by Odinel de Ford. In 1338 King Edward III granted William Heron a licence to crenellate and he founded the stone quadrangular castle. On the 5th of September 1513, King James IV of Scotland burnt the castle, when he left to joined his main camp on Flodden Hill. In the late 17th century, three of the four original corner towers, were absorbed in the construction of a castellated mansion. Which was then given Gothic decoration and a new curtain wall, flanked by towers and the great gateway, in the 18th century. Nearby is Parsons Tower and 2 miles north-west is Etal Castle.

Street Map

Ford Castle is located in the village centre, off the B6353. 12 miles south-west of Berwick Upon Tweed, on the B6354-B6353.

The site is a residential educational youth centre and is strictly private. The site is visible from the road.

Car parking is by the side of the road.

Ford Castle pictures and large castle map
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