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Tadcaster Castle
SE 484-436 Yorkshire England

Tadcaster Castle Tadcaster Castle is a late 11th century earthwork motte and baileys fortress, founded by William de Percy. The damaged motte slopes steeply to the north and to the west, are the remains of a wide ditch and a small inner bailey. In the 12th century, castle was abandoned and the southern outer bailey built over but its layout can be seen the surrounding street patterns. During the Civil War, the castle was re-fortified with earthwork bastions and cannon emplacements. A low rampart with a small mound, on the north side of the inner bailey, is probably part of there remains. 2 miles north-west at Newton Kyme is Kyme Castle and 4 miles south-west at Aberford is Hazlewood Castle.

Street Map

Tadcaster Castle is located in the town centre, off the High Street. 9 miles south-west of York, on the A64.

The site is visible from a public footpath, which passes the castle on the west bank, of the River Wharfe.

Car parking is by the side of the road.

Tadcaster Castle pictures and large castle map
Tadcaster Castle Picture 1Tadcaster Castle Picture 2Tadcaster Castle Picture 3Castle Map of the Area

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