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Acklam Castle
SE 784-613 Yorkshire England

Acklam Castle Acklam Castle is an earthwork motte and bailey fortress, which was possibly an outlying stronghold of the Fossard family. Standing on the western edge of an east-west ridge, the castle was formed by the digging of two simple transverse ditches. In the top of the low motte is a shallow depression and stone structures have been identified in the large rectangular bailey. From the road farm buildings make the layout hard to observe. A mile west is Leppington and 4 miles north at Langton is an earthwork.

Street Map

Acklam Castle is located in the village centre, off Pasture Hill. 14 miles north-east of York, on the A116.

The site is visible from the road.

Car parking is by the side of the road.

Click here for a motte picture Acklam Castle Picture and a castle map of the area Castle Map of the Area

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