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Benington Castle
TL 297-236 Hertfordshire England

Benington Castle Benington Castle was originally a Saxon fortified site, founded by the kings of Mercia. In the late 11th century, Peter de Valoignes founded an earthwork motte and bailey fortress on the site. In 1136, Roger de Valoignes added a stone keep to the east side of the motte but in 1177, King Henry II had the turris de Benintun demolished. In 1192 the castle was in use again but after Robert fitz Walter rebelled against King John, it was finally destroyed in 1212. After a fire in 1700, the red brick manor house was built and in 1832, George Proctor added the neo-Norman gatehouse, summerhouse and curtain wall. Of the castle only the foundations of the keep and the earthworks to the east and north now remain. 2 miles north is Walkern Castle and 14 miles east is Waytemore Castle.

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Benington Castle is located in the village centre, off Town Lane. 17 miles east of Luton, on the A505-A602.

The site is owned by the Benington Lordship and the gardens are only open, on Snowdrop weekend and Banks Holidays, 12:00-5:00pm, check website for dates.

There is a car park.

Click here for castle pictures Benington Castle Picture 1Benington Castle Picture 2Benington Castle Picture 3 and a castle map of the area Castle Map of the Area

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