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Melbourne Castle
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Melbourne Castle Melbourne Castle was a royal manor house, from the time of Edward the Confessor until 1265 when King Henry III granted it to Edmund, Earl of Lancaster. In 1311, Robert de Holland founded the stone castle when King Edward II granted him a licence to crenellate his dwelling-house. In the mid to late 14th century, when a possession of John of Gaunt the curtain walled fortified manor had a drawbridge, a hall and great chamber, a chapel and a bakehouse. For 19 years from 1419, the Duke of Bourbon, who was captured at Agincourt in 1415, was held here in security and under safeguard. In 1597, the castle was being used as a pound for stray cattle and in 1604 it was sold first to Sir Edward Howard and then to Henry, Earl of Huntingdon who dismantled it for its materials. Sadly the only remains, are a fragment of one wall and the buried foundations of rooms and a semi-circular tower. 7 miles south is Ashby de la Zouch Castle and 12 miles west is Tutbury Castle.

Street Map

Melbourne Castle is located in the village centre, off Castle Street. 9 miles north-east of Derby, on the A514-B587.

The site is a private residence, with no public access and the view from the road is restricted.

Car parking is by the side of the road.

Melbourne Castle picture and large castle map
Melbourne Castle PictureCastle Map of the Area

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