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Littywood Manor
SJ 889-190 Staffordshire England

Littywood Manor Littywood Manor was originally a late 12th century fortified manorial complex, founded by the Baron of Stafford. Associated in 1175 with the surname of de la Motte, the site is probably an altered low ditched motte, in the middle of a circular bailey. Continuously occupied ever since, the central oval platform now supports a timber-framed manor house of 1400. Originally the house was a two-bay open hall, with a two-bay solar range built in line and when converted in the 16th and late 18th centuries it was given its brick shell. With an entrance causeway is on the north-east side, the two wide encasing concentric, oval moats, are separated by a wide flat-topped bank. The inner moat is now dry but the outer moat still remains wet on its eastern side. A miles north-east is Coppenhall Gorse. Picture Littywood Manor Hotel

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Littywood Manor is located north-east of Bradley, off Furlong Lane. 3 miles south-west of Stafford, on Thornyfield Lane and Bigwood Lane.

The site is a privately owned and access is restricted to guests for weddings, conferences or private parties, check website for details. The moats is visible from the road.

There is a car park or by the side of the road to view.

Littywood Manor pictures and large castle map
Littywood Manor Picture 1Littywood Manor Picture 2Castle Map of the Area

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