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Little Wenham Hall
TM 081-391 Suffolk England

Little Wanham HallLittle Wenham Hall is a mid to late 13th century L-shaped brick and flint solar block, which once stood against a timber framed hall. Founded by the de Holebroke family, it is one of the earliest instance of the use of brickwork in England, which dates back to 1275. It now stands in the middle of a large platform, which is partly enclosed by a wet ditch. 11 miles south-west is Colchester Castle.

Street Map

Little Wenham Hall is located next to All Saints church, off The Row. 7 miles south-west of Ipswich, on the A12.

The site is strictly private, with no public access and and the view from the church is restricted.

Car parking is by the church.

Little Wenham Hall picture and large castle map
Little Wenham Hall PictureCastle Map of the Area

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