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Periwinkle Hill Barkway
TL 373-360 Hertfordshire England

Periwinkle HillPeriwinkle Hill is possibly a Norman earthwork motte and bailey fortress, belonging to the chief manor of Reed. It could also be a small moated mound with squarish corners and an enclosure, built in the Anarchy in the reign of King Stephen. Pottery has been found but the classification of the earthwork as a oval motte and bailey can be neither confirmed nor denied by ground inspection. The site is now part of a corn field and ploughing is making the site and its layout very hard to observe. 3 miles west is Therfield Castle and 4 miles south-east is Anstey Castle.

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Periwinkle Hill is located west of Barkway, off Royston Road. 17 miles south-west of Cambridge, on the M11-A10.

The site is visible from the public footpath, which runs past the castle from Royston Road to the High Street.

Car parking is by the side of the road.

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Castle Map of the Area

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